The Sarcorp corporate philosophy is based on the premise that increasing interdependence of markets, and the growth of competition on an international scale, require adoption of a strategic approach to global trade. Markets that once were bounded by national limits today have assumed international dimensions. Globalization now touches all spheres of business activity from resource markets to markets for consumer and industrialized goods. In order to succeed in the global market a company must efficiently leverage its core competence.
To its business partners in the global market Sarcorp offers distinct and quantifiable advantages:

Proactive aggressive approach to international market growth and dynamics.
Ongoing acquisition and strategic investment in opportunities that further support and enhance the Sarcorp business model.
Financial strength to invest capital and allocate substantial resources.
Direct exporter and direct importer with a concentrated spatial configuration of activities and ability to utilize capital to maintain high levels of quality, to maximize performance efficiency and achieve economies of scale.
Superior delivered cost position based on proactive procurement combined with the capacity to maintain and sustain adequate and strategic levels of inventory.
A self perpetuating unified unit with an optimum balance between concentration and diversification.
Expertise and competitive strength at all stages in the value chain and a high degree of flexibility to adapt to changing market and competitive dynamics.
Efficient management of distribution logistics and an extensive warehousing network to facilitate import and export activities.
A solid management team that has consistently demonstrated the ability to identify, evaluate and act on, emerging trends in the rapidly evolving global economy.

Strategic Alliance Partners