In times of change that demand extraordinary efforts and the ability to quickly adjust to new conditions, the key to our success can be attributed to a set of shared values and behaviors that combine to create a high-performance culture at SAR - a culture where all employees aspire to excellence in every undertaking. This high-performance culture is our key competitive advantage.

Great Organizations result from a mutually respectful marriage between an able leader and an assemblage of extraordinary people. Organizations become great only when everyone in them, leaders and members alike, has the freedom to do his or her absolute best. Our vision is about organizing gifted people in ways that allow them to achieve great things and to enjoy the personal transformation that such accomplishment brings.

The SAR corporate culture relies on an empowered workforce driven by an unrelenting passion for performance improvement and customer service. When you choose the SAR Group as your business partner, you will find that our corporate culture also extends to you, through the superior product quality, service that we provide and the continual pursuit of total customer satisfaction.

Shaukat Ahmed Reshi, CEO