To be the leading "International Business Company" of the country with a significant global reach and presence, and with a focus on facilitating globalization of the SAR Group's core businesses.

Promote the SAR Brand Equity on a global scale and distribute internationally, products and services from Pakistan.

Source world class products and services for marketing and distribution in Pakistan.

Promote businesses with strong competitive advantages for the company, and upgrade the company's strengths in the areas of Technology, Marketing and Finance.

Identify global sources of Technology, Marketing, Finance and other services, to facilitate Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures and Collaborations for the SAR Group, in Pakistan and internationally.

Aggressively pursue domestic and global markets through customer and market driven strategies that fully employ the unique capabilities of our divisions.

Be the most sought-after employer in our communities. To enrich the company and ourselves through continued education and personal growth, and to always seek to enhance the well-being of our employees and their families.

To create and maintain a corporate environment that includes world-class facilities, equipment and processes. To search for and adopt the most advanced applicable technology.

Lead our markets in the quality of our products and services, meeting or exceeding our customers' expectations and with our partners' guidance, continuously improving our own performance.

Manage our business in a manner that assures the strength of our financial position. Our financial strength will include the resources to support sound, well- planned company growth that benefits all our stakeholders: customers, employees, vendors, shareholders, our financial partners, and the communities in which we live.