Profile of Operations

Integrating sourcing, production and distribution with strategic investment and international marketing Sarcorp is in the business of international trade. Continually capitalizing on the myriad opportunities the emerging global market presents it comprises of five divisions:

Information Technology
Food and Allied
Consumer Products

Its operations include:

Contract manufacturing


SARCORP a privately held company and a member of the SAR GLOBAL BUSINESS GROUP was formed with the objective of creating an international marketing company within the Group. In the last decade we observed a growing trend within our business activity whereby international demand far exceeded the supply potential and capability of the manufacturing concerns that formed a part of the SAR Group. Inevitably, those companies within the Group that were manufacturing based found themselves faced with more product demand than they could produce. Additionally, our foreign network of trading partners often demanded products that we could not manufacture within our production capability. Consequently our manufacturing concerns had to engage in substantial levels of procurement from outside sources to meet the demands of our international buyers. The SAR management felt that the level of our trading activity had reached a quantum that necessitated the formation of an independent operation that would focus solely on international trade and related activities.

Sarcorp had three immediate goals: first, to begin its operations in an area where we had traditional strength that is export of domestically produced products to our international buyers predominated by textile based products, produced at our own manufacturing facilities as well as through subcontracting to other manufacturing concerns, second, to diversify the product mix and to undertake exports of products other than textiles and, finally, to complete the scope of its operational activity by engaging in import and distribution of internationally produced products to Pakistan and surrounding regions.

The Sarcorp Business Model

SARCORP continues to expand its distribution network and acquire new products, brands and services worldwide. To its business partners SARCORP provides the service of: a) extending the breadth and depth of their existing channels to give wider market penetration by distributing their products and services in growing and developing regions; b) highly cost efficient sourcing of products and services from Third World developing countries to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive global market.

Based on a strategic understanding of global trade dynamics the Sarcorp business model involves a substantial commitment of financial and managerial resources. In the sourcing of products within Pakistan for export to the international market Sarcorp operating as a direct exporter invests resources at the core level in such areas as raw material, manpower, quality control and infrastructure to ensure that a cost effective and high quality product is delivered. Similarly in the marketing of international products and services in the domestic market Sarcorp operates as a direct importer and strategic investment is made in the process of market analysis and feasibility studies, advertising and promotion, establishment and management of distribution channels, establishment of sales and service representation and inventory maintenance and physical distribution of products.


The Sarcorp business model is distinct and inimitable. Each product or service exported from or imported to the domestic market is assigned a managerial team within the particular division of Sarcorp that the product or service relates to. This managerial team is referred to as TeamSAR in our corporate dictum. TeamSAR is formed of proven professionals relating to a specific product or service and its composition is based on the expertise and competence of its members in that sector. The involvement of TeamSAR in each product, brand and service acquired by Sarcorp encompasses an entire life cycle: from the initial identification and evaluation to the ongoing management of a product or service. This in depth involvement combined with a tightly targeted focus ensures the perpetuation of the Sarcorp vision to deliver, consistently and efficiently, high returns to our business partners.

The SARCORP Advantage