Enter into a collaborative agreement with SARCORP to cooperate on research and development, shipping, distribution and related activities or market your products and services through our distribution organization.
License your proprietary asset: patented product, process technology, trade mark or brand name to SARCORP to benefit on an international scale without committing resources to an international operation.
Enter into a franchising agreement with SARCORP and expand internationally without making a substantial capital investment. SARCORP in managing the franchise ensures the establishment of a strict performance standard to preserve the value of your franchise.
Formulate a Strategic Alliances or Joint Venture with SARCORP encompassing a single stage or the entire value-chain, such as R&D, production or distribution.
Import products and services from SARCORP to take advantage of low labor, production and raw material costs in Pakistan and surrounding regions or identify sourcing opportunities through SARCORP based on the natural resources of these regions. Or retain control of marketing and contract out production to SAR GROUP manufacturing facilities.

Business Opportunities